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Vox One has been doing educational master classes, festivals, workshops and clinics worldwide for over 20 years. Each member is on the faculty at Berklee College of Music and can bring specialized techniques to work with your students, choirs and a cappella groups. Whether you’d like a weekday masterclass or a weekend long festival, Vox One has the experience to bring dynamic energy, contemporary and classic technique skills, vocal arranging and more specially tailored to your groups needs! 
Some past festival and master classes locations: 
Kanazawa A Cappella Festival, Kanazawa, Japan • Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, IA  • Fryeburg Academy, Fryeburg, ME • Tiffin University, Tiffin, OH • Takayama; Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan • University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, WI; Detroit Lakes JHS, MN • UWEC Jazz Festival, Eau Claire, WI  • Masconomet Regional HS, Topsfield, MA; Wellesley MS, MA; St Marks School, Southborough, MA
Master Classes and Clinic Selections - 
Beginner Vocal Health and Technique: This workshop will include understanding of the larynx and muscle groups that comprise registers, breathing techniques and posture guides to help avoid vocal strain and injury.
Advanced Vocal Health and Technique: Now you know the basics it’s time to fine tune your actuators of your instrument and use them to the best of your ability to move through your registers. This will free up your range and work agility in all styles of contemporary music. 
Advanced Belting: An in-depth look at belting in both muscle groups (registers) of the voice to avoid vocal injury. Specific exercises to help isolate these muscle groups and show how to use volume/resonance correctly without excessive force and still sound stylistically appropriate. 
Solo Singing: Being a soloist is more than just being the front person carrying the melody. We will break down the timing aspects, melody embellishments, confidence and emotional connection needed to make your performances memorable and unique. 
Ear Training & Sight Reading
Being able to read a chart and knowing what your group is supposed to sound not only expands your musical horizons, but also expedites your growth as a musician. Learn how to tackle scores, transcribe cool chords and tune to each other using some basic harmonic rules.
Improv and Circle Singing: This clinic explores the world of vocal improv through different contemporary styles. Understand how listening and ear training can help develop your connection to each other as a group and how to translate that connection to melodic, harmonic & rhythmic form.  
Beginner Vocal Arranging:
Human voice is the original instrument capable of creating all kinds of sounds with incredible subtlety and power. Let’s find out how a song (vocals with instruments or purely instrumental ones) could be arranged for unaccompanied voices. Topics covered: vocal ranges and timbres, harmony, lyric considerations, stylistic varieties and more.
Advanced Vocal Arranging: 
Is there a song that has moved you so much that you want to make it your own? Try arranging it as an a cappella piece! We will figure out what’s inspiring about the song, and explore ways to arrange it by reharmonizing, changing the meter/feel, or enhance the original feel but still make it uniquely yours!
Basic Vocal Bass and Percussion Clinic: 
Vocal Bass - This clinic helps singers understand the role of the bass singer while thinking like a bass player. Introduction to tone sounds, range techniques and breath work. 
Vocal Percussion - Participants will learn an introduction to drum sounds and how to isolate each part of the drum kit in your technique, making your breaths part of the kit without interrupting the groove and more! Learn how to lock with the bass singer as the rhythm section under the rest of the vocal parts in a group. 
Advanced Vocal Bass and Percussion Clinic: 
Vocal Bass and Percussion - An in-depth look at harmonic function in the chord and how to create a groove around that function. We will also cover the 5 basic subdivisions of grooves and some hybrid grooves. This clinic will also explore the different tones/techniques used through jazz, funk, gospel and blues styles. 
Question and Answer:
An open time to ask any questions relating to earlier clinics or any topic tied to musicianship and vocal group issues. 
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